Marie Ayres BSc (Hons) Chiro


Pain is an inevitable consequence of being human, but your experience of pain is unique. I am here to help you onto the right path to find your way back to living a healthy and active life. We will work together to find out what is contributing to your pain, and you will learn what you can do to help yourself. With the right tools, there is a lot you can do to lessen the impact of pain on your life, now and in the future.

Some people just need a nudge in the right direction with a couple of sessions chiropractic treatment before they go it alone. Others may be on a longer journey and want someone to go the distance with them while they learn the skills they need to manage by themselves - everyone is different.

I have been a practising chiropractor since 2008. In addition to chiropractic treatment, I teach somatic movement and use psychology based techniques for the reduction of pain. Each is a stand alone option, or can be integrated into a comprehensive self-management programme for the relief of chronic pain conditions and recurring back pain.


Firstly I will want to rule out anything serious. Don't worry - even though it can be excruciating, less than 5% of back pain and other musculoskeletal pain is serious, so it's very unlikely there will be any cause for concern. Once I feel sure it's ok to proceed, I'm likely to recommend a brief course of treatment, along with a personalised plan to address your pain in the short term and manage it in the long term. This personalisation is important, because the factors that influence pain vary with each person. I will work with you to find out what is contributing to your pain and teach you what you can do yourself to modify the pain. The duration of your plan will depend on you, your goals and preferences.


The chiropractic treatment I provide focuses on easing pain and discomfort, often with results from your very first session. I use only my hands to locate and gently manipulate the bones and joints of the spine, pelvis, cranium and extremities using light, swift, dexterous adjustments. McTimoney chiropractic works within the normal range of motion of your joints, meaning there is no audible cracking or popping sound associated with some other techniques. You are always in a neutral position, either sitting, standing or lying down. I make you as comfortable as possible and some people become so relaxed they even drift off to sleep.